To Eat Or Not To Eat? Definitely Eat.


It was my English class in college and our teacher gave us a work on creative writing. He gave us 3 lines and asked us to construct a story out of it. This is what I wrote –

Disclaimer: Be ready to bang your head into the wall after reading this.

The signal was sounded and the train started moving. He ran and ran and ran and somehow got into the train. He came and sat down in front of me. I had seen this guy earlier at the station. He was a short slim guy in his 20s. As the train started picking up speed, the lunch service started. The meal was quite heavy. As I was dieting, I decided to avoid the rice and stuck to chapattis (Indian bread). I had just finished my lunch when I saw the guy call the food vendor and to my surprise he handed him 100 bucks and asked for an extra plate of lunch. I was stunned. How could such a thin guy like him eat that much? I wondered where it all went.

After some time, I started reading my novel while the guy kept munching on chips that he’d bought at the station. Argh, the noise he was making was so irritating! I tried to ignore him and concentrated on my novel. The food guy arrived with the snacks. And once again our eating champion bought 4 samosas, a cold drink bottle and some bread pakodas. I was left wondering whether he had a stomach or a black hole. And how on Earth could he be so slim even after eating so much junk while my dieting wasn’t making any difference. I could not control my curiosity. I struck up a conversation with him and eventually asked him about his secret behind being slim. He gave me a cheeky smile and opened his bag pack. And there it was. The solution to all my problems- A SLIM SAUNA BELT! XD XD